Senior League

The Herts Seniors Gala is described as a league competition but is, in effect, a once a year gala for masters swimmers (those aged 25 and over ). There are three age groups:

  • 18+
  • 35+
  • 45+

The Gala takes place in November each year at Bishops Stortford College, there are 40 events and all individual races are 50m.

Clubs who are thinking of entering should appreciate that in order to increase the number of eligible swimmers, this event is open to all ASA registered Category 1 or 3 members and not just competitive Category 2 members. This allows teams to be made up from teachers, coaches, and parents, provided that they are registered members of the club

Where Masters membership in a club is small then there is no reason why two local clubs could not get together to enter one team under a combined name ( i.e.Ver valley ); with the banner switching between the clubs each year. There is no need for them to set up an entirely new club just for this event. The only requirement is that members of the team are ASA registered members of a Hertfordshire affiliated club.

For several years the Senior league gala has been run by a separate group but it still falls under the Hertfordshire Swimming League who try to run competitions for as wide a range of abilities and ages as possible.