Notification of HSL AGM

Notification of HSL AGM - Tuesday 10th October 2017, 8pm at Hertfordshire Sports Village, Hatfield


After serving 12 years on the HSL management committee, our treasurer John Sutton has decided it's time to step down. We are looking for someone to take on this role in October, please share with your membership to see if anyone willing to come on board.  He has assured me it's not a too consuming role and uses a simple finance package to manage the accounts, no handling of cash involved. He is willing to provide suitable hand over and available for questions.

Please ensure your club has a representative at the AGM as decisions are made which affect your swimmers therefore in your interest that the club's view is included in any discussions.

In accordance with HSL Rules
Rule 5d) Proposals to change the rules must be made and seconded by member Clubs or by the Management Committee be received in writing by the Secretary at least one month before the meeting.  To be carried such proposals must have a two-thirds majority of the voting delegates in attendance.
Any proposals to change rules must be with me by Sunday 10th September

HSL 2018 League Entry Form is available for download here

Completed form and payment of fees MUST be with the treasurer John Sutton by Friday 30th September.

Kind Regards
Karen Huckle
HSL Secretary

Air Horn Issue

It has been brought to the attention of HSL Management Committee the use of extremely loud air horn being let off in the spectator gallery during Peanut league gala.
Whilst we fully appreciate intentions to be used for cheering on the club’s swimming team, it was inappropriate to be used at the gala. Due to the level of noise and high pitch was very distracting and causing discomfort for the spectators, officials and swimmers.
We request that your supporters DO NOT bring along this type of equipment to the HSL galas.

Karen Huckle
HSL Secretary

Over age Swimmers

Please note that in the Peanuts League all over age swimmers should be delared before the start of the gala.

A form is available in our downloads section which should be filled in and handed to the Lead Referee prior to the start of the gala.

Change of Venue For Round 3

Due to booking problems at Hitchin pool the final round of the Division 2 Major League (lower half), taking place on 25th March, has had to be moved.

The gala will now take place at Westminster Lodge, St. Albans.

Warm up will now be at 6.15 pm for a 6.45pm start. Spectators will be allowed into the gallery from 5.45pm onwards, but swimmers will not be allowed into the changing rooms until 6pm.

We do apologise for the confusion. The host club has already been notified of the change in venue and the website will also be up-dated. 

Please pass on the change in the venue and start times to your club members, officials and swimmers.  Have a great evening!