Delay in Peanuts R2 D2 Results

Due to a compliance issue there is a delay in producing the Peanuts Round Two Division Two Results, the Compliance Officer is awaiting the paperwork from the host club of one of the galas, there will also be a delay in the draw, however the hosting clubs for Round Three have received early notification.

Herts League 2015 Results Delay

Due to a delay with some of the results being returned late the compliance checks for Division 1 and 2 have not yet been done, we do hope however to shortly release the Division 3 results.

HSL Committee Role Vacancy

We have received the resignation of a well respected and long standing committee member Derek Hughes , who was responsible for allocating the senior officials for our league galas. He has been a fantastic asset to the HSL over the past 10 years and will be sorely missed by everyone.
We are looking for someone to take over this role and if you would like to join the committee please contact HSL Secretary Karen Huckle This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Please reference the bulleted list of some time related and other KPI’s appropriate for this role:

  • Ascertain availability of all senior officials (Referees and Starters) before the season starts - typically November/December prior to January start of Major League, availability, at   least for first galas needs to be completed early December prior to League’s January start.
  • Appoint senior officials to all Herts Swimming League Galas based on availability noted above and any available updates.  Ideally officials’ appointments need to be resolved a minimum of 1 week before the gala date.  Minimum level is two Referees (ideally at least one qualified) and 1 Starter to each gala
  • Allocate starting kits to all Herts Swimming League Galas through liaison with county-based kit holders (at League, Club and individual level) - ideally starting kit arrangements need to be resolved a minimum of 1 week before the gala date.
  • Look after and house the two Herts Swimming League starting kits, organising repairs as necessary.
  • Manage loan of League Starting Kits to League Clubs and associated individuals and bodies – ensuring no clash with League requirements which are paramount.
  • Act as contact point between senior officials and the league regarding gala- and league-related issues.
  • Act as contact point between Herts ASA and League on matters impacting on Technical Officials.
  • Liaise with Herts ASA Officials Training Organiser regarding use of League galas for practical assessments.
  • Organise design, manufacture and distribution of HSL Officials polo shirts (NB - One-off for 2015, design and manufacture complete, distribution to be sorted out)

Herts League Reminder

PLEASE NOTE THAT EACH TEAM MUST SUPPLY A TEAM LIST indicating who swam in each race on the night.  Please include first and last names on these. These should be handed in with any amendments marked on them at the END of the gala and also by midday electronically on the Monday following the gala and sent to the Compliance Officer.  Any queries on this should be directed to The Compliance Officer: James Clarke by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

To avoid compliance issues and the deduction of points, can we please remind clubs to inform their coaches and team managers the importance of informing the referee of any overage or ineligible swimmers before the beginning of the GALA – please refer to rule 12(g) for details.

Electronic results sheets are available on the website here – please download them and use them.

If you are struggling to fulfil the requirements to host please coordinate with other clubs in the gala for support. ALL clubs are reminded that they are expected to supply a QUALIFIED Judge & Timekeeper preferably J1 minimum – this is very important as the Referee can cancel a gala if there are insufficient officials to staff it.

If you are your club's representative for the Herts Swimming League and you do not receive direct emails from James Clarke then please send your contact details by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. this will ensure you are added to the League's distribution list.