2014 AGM Documentation

The 2014 AGM Documentation is now available to download here

HSL Committee Vacancy

Could you be the next HSL Compliance Officer, looking for someone to join the 2014-15 committee to take on this role.

  • The committee meet 4-5 times in the year
  • Brief summary of compliance officer tasks - Handling club complaints on eligibility of swimmers, Checking team sheets and results and Imposing approved penalties as appropriate
  • Current Compliance Officer more than willing to mentor anyone that maybe willing to take on this job and they will have the full support of the committee.

For further information contact HSL Secretary  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2014 AGM Reminder

Notice of HSL AGM scheduled for Tuesday 7th October, 8pm @ Hertfordshire Sports Village
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    1. In accordance with HSL rule 5d) Proposals to change the rules must be made and seconded by member Clubs or by the Management Committee be received in writing by the Secretary at least one month before the meeting.  To be carried such proposals must have a two-thirds majority of the voting delegates in attendance

    Please ensure that any proposed changes to the rules are with me by Sunday 7th September
    Link to --> HSL Rules

    2. Please find attached 2015 Team entry document to be returned to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

In accordance with HSL rule 3d) A club must indicate its wish to compete in league competitions by paying the appropriate league entry fee by 30th September in the preceding year of competition. Any club failing to pay the entry fee by this date will incur a late payment fee. If the entry fee remains unpaid by the Annual General Meeting, the club will not be eligible to swim in the following years league competitions

Entry fees are £40 for each team entered must be paid by  Tuesday 30th September.
It is important to provide contact details for at least 2 club officers for HSL correspondence.

Karen Huckle
HSL Secretary

Overage Swimmers

Would all club team managers please ensure that at HSL galas the referee is made aware of any overage or ineligible swimmers preferable before the start of the gala. IF this is not possible then before the beginning of the event to avoid problems regarding compliance and gala points issues.