Over age Swimmers

Please note that in the Peanuts League all over age swimmers should be delared before the start of the gala.

A form is available in our downloads section which should be filled in and handed to the Lead Referee prior to the start of the gala.

Change of Venue For Round 3

Due to booking problems at Hitchin pool the final round of the Division 2 Major League (lower half), taking place on 25th March, has had to be moved.

The gala will now take place at Westminster Lodge, St. Albans.

Warm up will now be at 6.15 pm for a 6.45pm start. Spectators will be allowed into the gallery from 5.45pm onwards, but swimmers will not be allowed into the changing rooms until 6pm.

We do apologise for the confusion. The host club has already been notified of the change in venue and the website will also be up-dated. 

Please pass on the change in the venue and start times to your club members, officials and swimmers.  Have a great evening!

Major League Team Sheet Round Two 2017

The Team Sheet for use by clubs competing in Round Two of Major League 2017 is available for download on the website.

Please ensure this is used by all competing clubs.

Updated Host Pack

An updated Host Pack is now on the website, would all hosting clubs please ensure it is utilised for Major League Round Two 2017. It is available to download in the downloads section here