The Hertfordshire Swimming League was formed “To promote and encourage competition between Swimming Clubs affiliated to the Hertfordshire Amateur Swimming Association”. These words have guided and influenced the development of the League throughout its history, and they help to distinguish it today from the other forms of swimming competition that parents and their swimming children will encounter.

The League was started in 1979 with the intention of encouraging team competition between neighbouring clubs who may not normally have met in competition. It provides an opportunity for clubs to enjoy good-natured and friendly rivalry against each other. In a sport that can often seem to solely focus on the individual, it also provides coaches, swimmers and parents with occasions to celebrate team spirit. Younger swimmers particularly benefit from the chance to represent their club and community and will often find their names mentioned in local papers celebrating their efforts.

Hertfordshire Swimming League is a non profit organisation whose aim is to provide competition for as many swimmers as possible in Hertfordshire.

Through the League we seek to promote the Olympic ideal of taking part being more important than winning.  

Membership of the League is confined to Clubs affiliated to Swim England Hertfordshire and the core objective is to promote and encourage competition between those clubs. It has always encouraged both the smaller clubs along with B, and if possible C teams from larger clubs to compete. In this way the League hopes to encourage a larger number of Hertfordshire swimmers to get a taste of competitive swimming. 

Through the Peanuts League younger inexperienced swimmers get an opportunity to compete at galas and experience their first serious team competition and all that entails.

Hertfordshire Swimming League comprises two sections; The Peanuts League and The Major League. 

The Peanuts and Major Leagues each have two or three divisions, depending on the number of teams taking part in any one season.